BILL HEARD CHEVROLET - Deception and would not accept the car back after 1 day

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Bill Heard promised to refinance my malibu 2008 in 4 months.I had asked for it in writing and they wrote it on a piece of paper.

but when I got home the paper was not there so I went back the day for the paper and the manager would not give it to me. He said I didn't need it because he is a man of his word and he has been in the business for years. He refused to take the car and said if I leave the car it would be abandonment and he would call the police. He stated that he didn't understand why I wanted to give the car when would be refinancing the car in 4 months to the $300 a months that I wanted.

The manager stated that he wouldn't take the car back because it had already been finance and they had the payment confirmation.

I asked him how could he do that when I hadn't brought in the paperwork verifying my income yet plus he said my credit scope was 532.Later I found out that Bill Heard lied to Nuvell about my income.

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BILL HEARD CHEVROLET - Bill Heard Sanford, Fl, rips off Female salesoman's commissions, then fires her

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I worked for Bill Heard in Sanford, FL, sold cars, and they would take my name off the deal and give it to one of "the boys"...they only paid my commission twice in one month, and stole 75% of it!I sold a very expensive yellow racing HHR to a lovely couple from England, and they, rather the then Director of Used Cars, ERIC, spring '05, ex-seattle Seahawk, MAJOR CHAUVINIST PIG< said I wasn't going to be paid on it,there was nothing I could do, and fired me the next day, rather he had a sales manager do it, saying I hadn't performed my job satisfactorily.

ERIC hates older, strong, HONEST women. He is a thief, and chases 18-year-olds that work at Winghouse. I sold plenty of cars, after my first two weeks, and they gave it all to guys!

They hated that I could sell, and do it without all the BS.They are liars, and they are greedy, and don't want to make a fair deal with your customer, they want to steal from the public, hire and fire new "greenpeas" monthly.

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:grin Sure do! And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving company! What irks me is I haven't seen any of them go to JAIL yet!


It's okay. You see where Bill Heard is now...don't you?

Bill Heard Chevrolet in Union City discrinates against customers

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I went to Bill Heard Chevrolet in Union City Georgia on Tuesday 09/09/08, with an idea of the type of vehicle I was looking for. I was told that they had several vehicles that could fit my needs but they would need to do a credit application and trade in appraisal form.

They never looked at the vehicle I was trading and came back with an offer for the trade. I asked what the appraisal was based on since they had not looked at the car and was told "we are just going to offer you the minimum we can give." I was quite offended since this was the lowest quote I have ever been given for my vehicle and they didn't even look at it.

I was also told that I would need to put down a down payment in addition to the trade, so I asked if I could see the vehicles they have to offer and I was told that I would have to write a check for the down payment before I could see anything. I have never heard of such a practice so I asked why would I have to write a check to see a car and was told that " the sales Manager, Billy, didn't think I had the money.

I Felt extremey embarrassed, belittled, and I definitely feel that I was discriminated against. I have called corporate, store managers, and etc., No one has returned my call.

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Bill Heard chevy is TOAST ,they have 50 million dollars in RED ink ,they have filed chapter 11

BILL HEARD CHEVROLET - Bill Heard deceives their customers and has them arrested for theft due to their fraud!

Atlanta, Georgia 2 comments

I am writing this comment on behalf of my Fiance` Kurt Daniel, whom was a victim of Bill Heard and their deceitful staff in Union City, Georgia. He was in dire need of transportation and they gave him the option of getting a co-signer that would receive a $2000.00 rebate check, once the deal was completed. However, when it came time to get the car tag (registered), his name was not attached to the vehicle/vin number, although the co-signer informed them of whom she was (California resident) by giving him the Power of Attorney to be in possession of the vehicle as well as being his co-signer. The additional events that occured after he was given keys from the sales associate (don't have name at this time and not certain if its legal to post it) are completely Absurd! Not only did they pick him up from our house and take him to the dealership to complete the sale, set him up with the 'company' auto insurance (to be deducted from the aforementioned $2,000.00 rebate), but they also set up the 'On Star' tracking device phone card in his name. Furthermore, UPS sent a package to the co-signer in California to get copies of her license to complete the sale and his cosigner verbally told the head of their sales/security department (that got Kurt arrested for 'theft by deception') whom told them that Kurt Daniel was her 'grandson' and that she was co-signing for his HHR 2008 Chevrolet. A few months passed and the bank backed out of the deal, because they had his grandmother listed as the only person associated with the car and they actually had police officers pick him up from his job for theft by receiving stolen property, which was completely false!! He was released on Labor day, because he has no priors and even the judge informed him that Bill Heard Chevrolet is going down! We will pursue a civil/crimanl case, because seemingly they continue to mislead people that they know are in despartate need for transportation and the deceive them, get them arrested and lie, all in the effort to complete the deal! This is so wrong that words cannot express my disgust with their unethical practices and that thus far that they have remained in business and able to get away with blatantly lying to their customers!

It is my sincerest hope that they GO DOWN soon!

A. McCarty

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I am getting sick of seeing all the Bankruptcy articles that keep referring to the "Perfect Storm" as the company started losing money in mid 2007. As a former employee in the know - That is completely false. For years, Mr. Heard let each store operate as needed in it's own market. In 2004 they created an entire level of traveling PLATFORM managers to divide the company into 4 regions and change business practices to operate all stores exactly the same. That was the beginning of the end as most stores did begin to show losses. This level of management was very high paid and one even took the liberty to open his own version of corporate office in Las Vegas to the tune of millions. The store in Sandy Springs was treated to a revolving door of 17 general managers in 4 years, all of whom received HUGE signing bonuses and massive salaries similar to those of CEOs of corporations. DO THE MATH!

Those of us at the bottom could see what these changes were doing to our stores, but of course, no one listened to us because everyone at the top knew a better way to do business. As most of the employees of the stores DID honestly try to do their best to serve our customers, it was those at the top providing the fraud that you read about. Please don't blame the sales staff, FI people, mechanics or parts people. They are all the best in the business and hopefully all of us will find a home with a reputable employer. Mr. Heard surrounded himself with idiots. He was one...

Mr. Heard may not have even known the real shape of the company until it was too late. But, then again he may have lead the deception. That, we will never know.

Employees in Huntsville have files suit against him for wronful dismissal and their lawyers filed it as class action to include all Bill Heard workers. I myself may call an attorney today to see if it is possible to sue him personally as his mismanagement of his own company led to my financial and mental anguish as I am in real trouble now that I suddenly and without warning am unemployed. The blood of all employees is on his hands and as we wonder where our next meal will come from, Mr. Heard reamains a millionaire because of the work we did for him. That hardly seems right. What goes around comes around.

On the bright side, he did have to sell a 50 million dollar home for 17 million as well as 2 learjets valued at 35 million a copy. POOR THING.

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Desperate people buy used cars not brand new ones they can't qualify to buy. Bill heard is a rip off but your story is absurd.

BILL HEARD CHEVROLET - Additional charges for optional insurance not requested. Company will not correct it.

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I purchased a 2005 Malibu from Bill Heard in Sandford. First draft had Gap and Bumper to Bumper coverage in final charges. Second draft said I had to pay for the bumper to bumper seperate and made a new contract for me to sign.

I get my bill from the lender and it is 1308.00 more than the paperwork I signed. This is because Bill heard added a different insurance not included on the first two drafts, called Opitional insurance. 1308.00

I wrote requesting it be cancelled a refund of 1308.00 No response. What now? It has been a month. The other times I wrote about the overcharge for title and tag. No refund on that they say. Got an answer in a week. I wrote and called because it was two months and I still did not have my tag. They told be the original owners loan had not funded yet so we could not get our tag yet. What do I do.

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